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Buying or selling a property requires a “Winning Team.” At Pim & Partners we make sure you will be guided and introduced to the very best people within the property sector representing you throughout the process.

Did you know that 33% of the property transactions fall through because of “bad” legal representation!

Solicitor or Conveyancer……Know the difference!


In London, property transactions occasionally require knowledge outside of property law as we often dealing with an international cliental, complex financial structures involving trans-Atlantic legislation.


It is therefore important you understand the difference between instructing a solicitor or a property conveyancer.


“A Property Conveyancer is specialised and educated in property law while a Solicitor is a fully qualified lawyer educated in all aspects of the law”


You therefore need to be very diligent on choosing your legal representative during the sale or purchase of your property.


The BIG mistake people tend to make is to instruct a legal representative based on price quotations. Seriously, you try to save a few hundred pounds for someone to represent you on probably your “biggest transaction” in your life time?!


At Pim & Partners we have established a working relationship with some of the very best lawyers and conveyancers within the residential property sector, giving you “Piece of Mind” throughout the transaction while minimizing the risk of the deal falling through.



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Property Brokers


Getting the right financial advice leading to the best product for you requires you to shop around.

Saving potentially 0.5% on your interest rate on a £700k mortgage is saving you £84 000 over a 20 year period.


 It is not just the interest rate that makes a good Mortgage broker, important aspects like;


Response time and Communication

Reputation with Lenders

Reputation with Mortgage Surveyors

Market knowledge



If you like to be introduced to one of our recommended brokers please schedule a consultation on the Button below and we will be in touch at our earliest convenience.

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